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We strive for a safe and conducive environment for all.

We actively work to develop more inclusive and impactful programs to amplify all those underrepresented.

Our pillars guide our moral compass and are actively included in our offerings.

Respect is the forefront of our mission and our foundation. Our collective can expect respect of their time, energy, and self through every single action of The LaughtHER Collective. Therefore, we have a no tolerance policy regarding discrimination, harassment, or sexual harassment. Corrective and punitive measures will be taken accordingly. We define discrimination as any unjust or prejudicial treatment of an individual based on a category of their natural being. We define harassment as any type of pressure or intimidation. We define sexual harassment as any type of pressure or intimidation with any type of sexual connotation, direct or indirect.  

We guarantee the right to create safely with freedom of expression; furthermore we understand missteps will happen. We set the expectation that everyone will demonstrate change when collectively needed. We ensure safe spaces for everyone, and our pillars keep womxn+ and underrepresented people are our forefront at all times. 


Relationships between students and staff are to remain professional at all times. Favoritism and/or any form of quid-pro-quo will not be tolerated.  


If at any time you believe The LaughtHER Collective has not held itself accountable for its actions or the actions of its collective, please contact NYC311 or NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection


We lead with our pillars first and at all times. We are led by womxn+ and will always work to amplify womxn+ and underrepresented people. Healing through laughter and community is part of our mission. Authenticity is necessary to lead and lift those that have been overlooked. We are honest about who we serve and what we stand for. Day after day, we will strive to amplify our collective to a better place, building a network of support tenaciously lifting each other.. 


As part of the collective, you accept liability that you may put yourself in a hazardous situation during a TLC course, workshop, or event. In making that you choice, you accept full responsibility and any responsibility that may result from said event, including cost of damages, loss, and personal injury . TLC is not responsible for loss or stolen property at any time. 


The LaughtHER Collective reserves the Right to Removal at any point. If staff at any point believe they are in danger or believe the presence of a student is detrimental to the greater good, that staff member may remove that individual temporarily or permanently. Actions are open to appeal. 


We reserve the right to deem competency of subject demonstration. The LaughtHER Collective can recommend a student retake a course or continue practicing. There is no set timeline for every individual and this is common. 

Policies + Procedures

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"Anything with Time" Policies

Attendance Policy: The LaughtHER Collective hosts six weeks classes therefore we allow one absence per course. Additional absences may be permitted based on circumstances and the work of the student outside of class time. After two absences, we reserve the right to showcase students in the graduation performance at the end of the class and will require the class to be retaken. 


Lateness Policy: Our classes are most successful, collectively. Lateness interrupts lessons and performances, while the student also misses lessons and prevents their contributions. It’s a lose-lose. Our classes start on time. Students are considered late if they 1. Did not communicate their lateness to TLC and 2. Are more than 15 minutes late. Being late 3 times will result in an absence. Similarly, leaving more than 15 minutes before class ends will be treated the same way.



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"Anything With Money" Policies

All sales are final. If you are unable to attend a one-day workshop, we will provide you with a credit of the same monetary amount toward a future workshop or course. Credits are valid for two years from refund date on email confirmation. Purchase exchanges are permitted for a class or workshop of the same amount up until one week before the start date. No credit is provided if TLC is not contacted prior to a workshop.

Sessions will not begin until the balance is paid in full. We are flexible with members who have worked with us for more than six months regarding payment in installments. 

Bundle purchases do expire after two months from date of purchase. With savings comes great responsibility, and to ensure development of material and of the comedian, time is of the essence.


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Miscellaneous Policies

The LaughtHER Collective reserves the right to cancel a class. In the event of a class cancellation the student will be credited the full amount of the course to be reapplied at any time within two years. 

TLC offers all interested in taking courses in our Prep Program the opportunity to audit the first course of a course one time. Please email us to ensure there is space.  


Recording is only permitted for personal development during class instruction and must be approved by the instructor prior to recording. Group recordings are not permitted unless coordinated by the instructor. 

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