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How to have a Personal and Healthy Relationship with Stand Up Comedy!

It is no secret that stand up comedy, and the entertainment industry as a whole, has a bit of a toxic reputation. The hours are not conducive to a regular job, it’s dominated by alotta white dudes, and comedy is constantly evolving (did you read our last blog post? )

We love the saying, “Failure to plan is a plan to fail.” So here are 7 ways that you can prepare to have a personal and healthy relationship with stand up comedy:

  1. Escape the toxicity of “hustle culture” which is hyper-focused on productivity and stardom, lacking regard for rest, self-care, & a work-life balance. This can negatively impact your mental health and lead to unnecessary anxiety and stress. #Yuck

  2. Prioritize self care and make sure each day includes at least one activity dedicated to taking care of yourself. This can be anything from reading a book to booking a trip, and anything in between! Just make sure it’s for Y-O-U.Your future self will thank you. 

  3. Boundaries & breaks, babe. Just because we CAN work, doesn't mean we should. Regular breaks keep stress levels low and prevent you from burning out. If a life-saving heart surgeon can take time off and go on vacation… so can you, Dr. Chuckles. Have a life outside of stand up comedy. 

  4. Be kind to yourself. Be mindful of any negative self-talk and reframe that ‘ish! Strive for progress, not perfection. Stand up is hard and YOU ARE STILL DOING IT. That’s bad ass! Make a list of all your comedy accomplishments to refer to when you’re feeling especially low. 

  5. Eyes on your own paper. Avoid the urge to compare yourself to other comedian =s by redirecting your focus to yourself. The only person you should compare yourself to is YOU, 6 months ago. Allow others to inspire you, not make you feel badly about yourself. 

  6. You’re in a relationship with stand up comedy and relationships require TLC. The LaughtHER Collective! We’re kidding. Of course we’re talking about T-Boz, Left Eye, & Chilli. Give your relationship TENDER, LOVING CARE.

  7. Lead with love. Communication, understanding, compassion, honesty, trust, vulnerability, and forgiveness. All of these will keep your relationship afloat and sustainable for the long-run. You got into this for a reason. Remember your why

Remember that small, positive changes can lead to big transformations. Make today about YOU & your comedy journey with stand up comedy.

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