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What does it mean to be a "Modern" Comedy School?

Stand up comedy has evolved over recent years almost entirely. Yet, most of the education around it hasn't.

The digital era has revolutionized the way comics create, distribute and connect with their audiences.

In the previous decades, comics had to follow a certain path to recognition, possessing a certain set of skills, and relying on comedy clubs for exposure. Hello, 2023! Now, social platforms give comics control, bypassing traditional gatekeepers. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Shorts allow comics to…

  • Be way more accessible, build a fan base and directly interact with audiences,

  • Break down geographical barriers so there are no boundaries to where a punch might land,

  • Showcase diverse voices authentically that often get overlooked by mainstream media.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. Navigating uncharted waters is difficult because of its unknown.

  • How do I find my voice and stand out among the abundance of content?

  • How do I learn an artform that’s evolving?

  • How do I write, film, edit, create, and market myself? Also, is it possible for one person to do all that?

It can all seem so daunting on your own.

We believe in the power of more. The LaughtHER Collective is a product of the evolving landscape, and a reality today because of the collaboration of two people. TLC provides modern education and more important than ever - community. We make it easy to learn, grow, and source from within whether you’re in NYC or LA. The mission is to amplify underrepresented comedians everywhere.

Combined, we have decades of experience in stand up, training, and coaching. Our backgrounds and education blend together to provide courses and workshops full of hands-on activities and interactive play. We integrate our principles and practices into our lessons so you know exactly how to use these tools once you leave the classroom/Zoom. Our environments are nurturing and our curriculum is… no joke.

We are proud to provide a space for underrepresented comedians to learn about this art and this business so you can thrive in today’s comedy world. We know we all can.


Hope & Christi

The LaughtHER Collective

"I am super excited about TLC. This project could help a ton of voices be heard."

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