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Why Comedy is in Desperate Need for some TLC!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

The LaughtHER Collective isn’t just about punchlines; we’re also punching through barriers. 

TLC doesn’t just do stand up, we also stand up for what’s just. 

With The Collective, laughter isn’t just entertainment - it’s empowerment. 

As comedians, we are obsessed with a rule of three. So here are three ways we stand out from other comedy schools:

We Turn Up The Diversity & Amplify Underrepresented Voices 

Strengthening diverse voices is essential for creating a more inclusive and socially impactful comedic landscape that reflects the richness of the human experience. 

We do not tone-police, minimize, or gatekeep. In fact, we do the opposite. 

We want more tone, more heightening, and to break those damn gates down. 

Comedy, like almost everything else, has historically been dominated by a select few voices. Our welcoming approach addresses power imbalances and promotes an equitable distribution of opportunities and resources.

Led by womxn+ and working for anyone who’s felt overlooked and underrepresented. 

We Provide Modern Education for an Evolving Landscape

The dinosaurs… happened. And we are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind, innovative curriculum consisting of signature workshops, practical coursework, performance platforms, community connection and accountability programs to elevate today’s comedian. 

Never subscribing to hustle culture, we believe in equipping the next generation with contemporary and sustainable practices for growth. Our approach is hands-on, interactive, and community-driven. In other words, we don’t talk at you. We work together to develop strategies that ensure you can understand and apply techniques that best suit you. Everyone learns differently so we show, tell, and do - collectively. 

Transformation Happens Collectively

Jokes are not written in a silo. If they were, who would hear them? Jokes are strengthened, heightened and tightened best with others. When an audience laughs, you’re getting feedback from them. At Workshop Wednesday #SelflessPlug, The Collective offers punch-ups and ideas. 

Laughter is the ultimate unifier and, as comedians, it’s our job to make sure everyone is “in on the joke”. We reinforce camaraderie, baby! Because community is essential on your rise to the top. We provide mutual support, shared understanding, collaborative opportunities, mentorship and industry insights, gatekeep-free.

These are just a few reasons for you to consider The LaughtHER Collective. But don’t just take our word for it -- see what others have to say! Check out our testimonials here.

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