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Are you having difficulty writing new material? Are you struggling with holding yourself accountable to write jokes? Not sure where to find community? Look no further and make a move! 


Starting Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 join TLC and The Collective for community and accountability. This time, ending Friday, May 26th and culminating with a celebratory virtual event to listen and punch up each other's material on Tuesday, May 30th from 7PM-8PM.


The LaughtHER Collective offers 5BY10, an accountability program to ensure comedians, as well as writers alike, consistently crank out material. We provide prompts, motivation, direction, and resources so you finish with a ton of new material.

Write five jokes everyday on a topic we give you by 10PM. Seems simple, right? 

By the end of our program, you could have as many as 50 new jokes


If, and when, you completely finish and submit jokes for every day of the program, we'll Venmo back $10 to reinvest in yourself -- BECAUSE THAT'S YOU!!! :) :)


Sign up TODAY by Venmoing The LaughtHER Collective by or before the start date. 

5 by 10!

  • All payments are currently through Venmo. *PayPal available upon request*

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