Are you having difficulty writing new material? Are you struggling with holding yourself accountable to write jokes? Not sure where to find community? 


Look no further and make a move starting AUGUST 15th! 


The LaughtHER Collective is hosting a session of "5 by 10" -- write five jokes everyday on a topic we give you by 10PM

By the end of August, you could have 100 new jokes if you stick with our program! 


Venmo @TheLaughtHERCollective $85 by August 14th to take another step in your comedy career! If, and when, you completely finish and submit jokes for all 17 days, now we know exactly who to Venmo back $10 to reinvest in themselves -- THAT'S YOU!!! 


And if THAT doesn't get your blood pumping, there will also be a virtual get together for everyone who finishes to get to know each other and share any jokes, if they'd like. Sign up TODAY and start holding yourself accountable!!! 

**Payments are only accepted via Venmo for this project**

***If you add this to the cart here, it will inform you "we cannot accept online orders" because it's solely through Venmo***

5 by 10! Accountability program for all comics!