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Laughing Through Loss

Laughing Through Loss


For those who are ready to joke about their loss -- of a loved one, sense of self, a relationship, a friendship, pet, job, or any type of estrangement.


This is not a stand-up class, rather a space to explore your loss and instability within your personal boundaries.


This intimate program is designed to help foster community and connection amongst other collective members experiencing similar loss while laughing through our vulnerability, pain, and eventual growth.


This program will help you discover when and how you want to explore your pain through a comedic lens. Throughout this journey, you will:

  • Build confidence to share your story

  • Foster a support system to keep laughing collectively 

  • Learn how to make others laugh while you slowly begin to find relief in your loss 

  • Location + Payment

    This is a hybrid class, with the first class meeting virtually. The 2nd and 3rd will meet in person at Cr8ive Studios, 134 W. 29th St, 2nd Floor.

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