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Physical Technique Workshop

Physical Technique Workshop

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Whether you’re a beginner comic looking to feel more confident and grounded on stage, an intermediate comic looking to improve stage presence or an advanced comedian looking to better handle unexpected audience challenges- this is the workshop for you. 


This workshop will cover key performance techniques, with a focus on purposeful movement. You will learn how to elevate your existing set by taking up space and making bolder choices (stand-up is already bold!). We will break down the steps necessary to create a more grounded and impactful performance that connects with any audience. 


You will leaving knowing... 

-How to be so comfortable with the mic it becomes an extension of your hand. 

-How to capture and command the audience’s attention like Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan.

-Body language that speaks to any audience and conveys your exact intent.

-How to navigate the unexpected waves of audience reaction or interference without wiping out.

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