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This is for students looking to baby step into the pool of stand up comedy.  Absolutely zero writing or performance experience is necessary for this course, just a great attitude and willingness to learn! This course will culminate in a virtual performance for family & friends. 

At the end of this course, you will have:

  • An grasp of the heart and mind of stand up comedy 
  • An awareness of stand up comedians past & present with an emphasis on womxn+ and underrepresented comedians

  • Insight into different comedy genres & which you most connect with 

  • An understanding of the principles + building blocks of stand up

  • An introduction of “comedic persona” and performance skills

  • 3 minutes of material written in your comedic voice that you will perform virtually

Welcome to Stand Up

  • MONDAYS [1/9 - 2/13]

    from 6PM - 9PM

    Grad Show: Sunday, 2/19 @ 6 (FREE SHOW! Come see what we can produce at any level--donations always welcome)

    *Being offered virtually*

    All payments are currently through Venmo. *PayPal upon request*

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