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"Being a part of TLC has given me the support system I needed. Be it via individual feedback from Hope and Christi about joke structure, stage presence, and workshopping or via the community at large filled with cheerleaders that support each other - I have taken away a LOT." 

"There is no class structure out there that compares to The LaughtHER Collective's.  Christi and Hope's co-teaching structure provides a unique learning opportunity to their participants.  I felt comfortable sharing sharing rough ideas with my class that turned out to be some of my best material yet.  Post-class, the collective has been supportive in the shows I produce, mics I go to and feedback loop for applying to festivals. If you're looking to advance your material in a supportive environment, look no further!"

"If you're the kind of person who thinks, 'Please. You can't learn standup in a classroom,' you're probably right 99.9% of the time. But Christi is the other 0.1%. She's the best. Seriously. Take her class." 

Whether you’re an aspiring stage performer or an experienced comedian looking to take your career to the next level, TLC has something for you! Our education approach is comprised of three branches:

Preparation Program, Group Study, & Personal Development. Each branch has their it's own necessary component for holistic growth.

Please Note:


Classes are either virtual (via zoom), in-Person or a combination of both. See class description.


Unsure what level to start with? Take our quiz to help you find out or contact us! 

Please see our Code of Ethics for details regarding policies + procedures.


Please fill out our Scholarship Application Form if you would like to apply for financial assistance. 

Preparation Program

The foundation of our education. These comprehensive programs can prepare any amateur for a professional career in comedy. Each course is 6-7 weeks and includes a graduation show for family and friends. 

Group Study

Our integral support system. These are supplemental workshops to sharpen tools, bolster skills, and establish community. 

Personal Development

The core of our curriculum is you. These are additional offerings to challenge and support your individual needs. 

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