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The LaughtHER Collective is an educational organization that amplifies womxn+ and diversity using techniques of comedy. Our modern approach has a unique focus on healing, authenticity, & tenacity with the universal goal of building community and growing holistically. ​


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The HER in The LaughtHER Collective is because we are led by womxn+, but we are working for anyone who's felt overlooked and underrepresented, which requires us all. Bottom Line: EVERYONE IS WELCOME! 


We are proud to offer: workshops, accountability projects, private sessions, corporate events, live shows, panels and mixers and will be launching full courses in 2023!

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Our programs have further developed sensational talent; writers for Showtime's Ziwe, Reductress, The New Yorker, and Saturday Night Live. Here's what they had to say about studying with us:

"Performing at the Menstrual Cycle was the most supportive show I’ve ever done... Being on a show with all women/women identifying people was really special not to mention getting amazing tape and photos out of the deal!" - Alex Phipps, Showtime's Ziwe

As Talked about...

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Our Pillars

Our Pillars are WHAT!

Like Womxn+ and Diverse Communities, Each of Our Pillars Supports One Another


We are womxn+ led and focused on amplifying the underrepresented comedian. By equipping people with tools, resources, and opportunities to narrow the gender gap in every industry, but in stand-up specifically. Womxn+ and diversity make up less than 25% of the stand up industry -- a disparity we will disrupt. 


“Laughter is the best medicine” which makes stand up comedians… doctors. It may sound ridiculous, but humor has been proven to heal and extend your life. Don't believe us? Take a look at these studies from... oh! I don't know... The Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, and The University of California, Berkeley

Like carbon emissions, we are offsetting an imbalance that should not exist to ensure that each and every voice can be heard, shared, and developed. We refuse to lose another unique and interesting perspective, joke, or delivery because it's from someone other than a person identifying as a man. 



Through guidance, support, and opportunities, we are preparing and elevating everybody to exist, persist, and lead with conviction. The road has already been paved thanks to collective persistence from those before us, but we're far from done. Now, we are painting lines, putting up signs, and building community to last!


Everything about us in intentional. There is thought and consideration we put into everything we do, from our curriculum to our pillars. We are driven by purpose and supported by our tenacity. 


The Academy


Whether you’re an aspiring stage performer or an experienced comedian looking to take your career to the next level, TLC has something for you! Please note that classes are either Virtual (via zoom), In-Person or a combination of both. See class description. Unsure what level to start with? Take our quiz to help you find out or reach out to us: We look forward to working collectively


Our Academy is comprised of three branches, each with their own necessary component for holistic growth. Our modern approach is guided by our mission and pillars. Please see our Code of Ethics for details regarding policies + procedures.

Preparation program

The foundation of our education. This comprehensive program can prepare any amateur for a professional career in comedy. Each course is 6-7 weeks and includes a graduation show for family and friends.

  • Welcome to Stand Up:                           A Warm Introduction

  • Level 1 - Beginner Stand Up Class

  • Level 2 - Intermediate Stand Up Class 

  • Level 3 - Advanced Stand Up Class 

  • Level 4 - The Business of Stand Up Comedy

  • Ready for Rep - Private Advanced Studies, Audition Only

Group Study

Our integral support system. These are supplemental workshops to sharpen tools, bolster skills, and establish community. 1-3 classes per offering.

  • Laughing Through Loss

  • Hosting Workshop

  • Physical Technique Workshop

  • Workshop Wednesday

  • Open Mic!

personal development

The core of our curriculum is you. These are additional offerings to challenge and support your individual needs. 

  • Private Sessions  

       (Individual or Bundle Packs)

  • 5by10 Accountability Program

  • Monologue Joke Challenge!

  • Goal Setting Programs

Live Events


Follow @TheLaughtHERcollective on Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn to find out

first about upcoming events! 


Meet the Co-Founders
Christi Chiello + Hope D

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Who are we?

Like minded friends on a mission to level the playing field for womxn+ and underrepresented people and ensure our environments are amplifying voices that, until the sixties, were muted. 

HOPE graduated Summa Cum Laude from Manhattan College with a Masters in Organizational Leadership. She has organized and executed over 300 workshops and events over the last 10 years! CHRISTI is a professional stand up comedian with numerous television credits (just a few listed below) and over 12 years of experience in the industry. She has taught extensively at colleges and comedy venues including: Muhlenberg College, Sarah Lawrence College, Hunter CollegeArts Quest, Q.E.D. & The People's Improv Theatre. 

Why Christi + Hope?

Combined, our decades of experience in entertainment, higher education, and career counseling uniquely suit us to prepare groups to handle and manage typical problems in their day-to-day lives. Our approach is effective, universal, and fun but most importantly: proven by science!  

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To get in touch with us directly, you can use the below.

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