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The LaughtHER Collective is an organization dedicated to amplifying and advancing womxn+ and diversity using tools & techniques of comedy. Our mission is to equip everyone with the confidence and conviction to communicate more clearly, a bit funnier, navigate conflict more seamlessly while maintaining relationships using humor, operate at a higher level and spread joy during times when it’s been missing. 

The HER in The LaughtHER Collective is because we are led by womxn+, but we are working for anyone who's felt overlooked and underrepresented, which requires everyone. 


TLC is working to narrow the gender pay gap through training and resource sharing, offer universal healing through laughter, and bring honesty and equity to more spaces.

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Our Pillars are WHAT?

Like Womxn+ and Diverse Communities, Each of Our Pillars Supports One Another


We are equipping womxn+ and underrepresented people with tools, resources, and opportunities to narrow the gender gap, in comedy specifically. Our workshops offer unique training and resource sharing that continues beyond. Our showcases offer ample opportunities for performers to build confidence, hone technique, and develop sets. Womxn+ and diversity make up less than 25% of the stand up industry -- a disparity we will disrupt. 


We are on a mission to equip everybody with tools to have successful careers in comedy, bringing laughter, joy, and fulfillment to more. We’ve all heard that “laughter is the best medicine” which would make stand up comedians… doctors. As ridiculous as that sounds there is truth to it. Humor is healing. It can bring people together. Laughter can literally extend your life. Hell! It can save your life! Studies from The Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, and The University of California, Berkeley have proven that what we teach through our workshops and offer through our showcases helps & heals in incredible ways.

We are creating womxn+ and diverse-led spaces to further opportunities and cultivate a new norm in the industry. Like carbon emissions, we are offsetting an imbalance that should not exist to ensure that each and every voice can be heard, shared, and developed; not just a few of the same ones. We refuse to lose any more unique and interesting perspective, jokes and deliveries because it's from someone other than a person identifying as a man. 



We are providing everybody with the tools and techniques to make bolder choices and take up as much space as they need when and where they needs it. We are carefully undoing a learned behavior that we never should have learned. Through guidance, support, and opportunities, we are preparing and elevating everybody to exist, persist, and lead with confidence and conviction. We must continue to break barriers. The road has already been paved thanks to collective persistence from those before us. Now, we are painting lines, putting up signs, and building foundation and community for everyone!




✨These are our current offerings.

Please email us if there's something else you'd like to see. ✨

Workshop Wednesdays is a virtual offering of in-depth & personalized feedback on whatever it is you're working on. Whether you're wanting to punch up jokes, re-structure, brainstorm premises or tighten up a submission we are willing & WANTING to help you take your material to the next level. ✨STARTS SEPT. 21st @ 7PM✨ 
🌈Join our welcoming & supportive collective of womxn+ & underrepresented performers and stretch yourself outside your comfort zone in a safe space. We cap at 10. To reserve your spot, Venmo $40 and to @thelaughthercollective! Put your email in the description if you're new :) 

5 BY 10 Accountability Program is offered sporadically throughout the year, or when needed on an individual basis, to comedians looking to develop new material consistently. For roughly two weeks and $85, you receive a daily message filled with inspiration, tickling prompts, and a resource to help you write five jokes by 10PM. Complete all two weeks on time; get $10 back to reinvest in yourself. ✨It's different every time!


Hosting Workshop is an interactive workshop for comedians and hosts of all kinds to get more familiar with hosting. Join TLC and learn the specifics of what your role is and go-to techniques for consistent success that will leave clubs and comics alike recognizing your exceptional service! Say goodbye to lackluster hosting tropes and evolve into a skilled, confident emcee with a growing awareness of how to create and maintain the perfect environment for your show to thrive!  🌈 Thursday, October 20th from 6PM - 9PM in NYC🌈


SPACE LIMITED! Venmo @theLaughtHERcollective to register today!!!

Private Sessions are offered to comedians who want individual time and attention with Christi or Hope to comb through your current set and offer feedback regarding word choice, delivery, and overall presence. Offered virtually at $99 per session OR $300 for a bundle (fancy word for four sessions and a deal). ✨Brand new people will receive a 20-minute introductory consultation --included no matter what you purchase-- so we know where to start in our first session!                EMAIL TO START!✨  


Physical Technique Workshop is a one-off workshop for comedians of all levels. The only pre-req is you need to have existing material. In this workshop we will work on elevating your existing sets through grounded & purposeful movement. Bold physical choices can absolutely transform a set. Confidence-building aside, it helps you connect with your audience in a much more meaningful way. ✨NEW DATE TBA✨

















Join us Sunday, November 13th at 3PM at The Stand in NYC for an exclusive panel moderated by the co-founders of The LaughtHER Collective (TLC), Christi Chiello & Hope D. Gain valuable insight and a rare perspective into what has been paved for womxn+ and underrepresented comedians.




 Following will be an intimate Q&A and a chance to network with like-minded people. Whether you’re a comedian yourself or a fan, this is for you! We invite any and all to join our Collective to share resources and amplify each other.






Our monthly showcase of up & coming womxn+ and diverse performers, is an opportunity to demonstrate and witness the utter hilarity that is a line-up of womxn+ and diverse comics. Come enjoy rising comics, meet and mingle with previous and future performers, and enjoy an incredible showcase like none other. Every time! We’ve created womxn+-led spaces to provide more opportunities for tangible experience and make it abundantly clear that womxn+ are so funny, we don’t even need men! Not really, not even a little bit if you know how babies are made *wink*, but you get our point. Interested in performing in a show like that? We are currently accepting submission for our Fall 2022 season.

Apply Here!


You could open for headliners like...


featured on Comedy Central, Two Dope Queens, and Bust Down


featured on VH1, Comedy Central's Broad City, and Paramount+'s Search Party


featured on Netflix Is A Joke, Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show, and Comedy Central


featured regularly at NYC's The Comedy Cellar, also on Showtime's Flatbush Misdemeanors  


Currently shows are only being hosted in NYC.

Reach out for additional locations.

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Meet the Co-Founders
Christi Chiello + Hope D

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Why Christi + Hope?

Combined, our decades of experience in the entertainment industry, higher education, and career counseling uniquely suit us to know these problems and how best to solve them one room at a time. Our approach is effective, universal, and fun. It is ALL three of those things in one -- like real life Sesame Street for grown ups! 


In theory, we should have learned these skills much earlier throughout different stages of development, from different mentors. However, since womxn+ and underrepresented groups have less opportunities for mentors and sponsors, and have been encouraged to do things like ‘be seen and not heard.' This has hindered womxn+ and diversity from entering and persisting in many industries. We are here to round off these hard edges to ensure environments are thriving and amplifying voices that, until the sixties, were practically muted. 


When we launched in 2021, it was quick and we didn’t have a name. We didn't know what to call ourselves. Hope was really stuck on “Vaginal Mesh” but luckily Christi is professional and eventually reigned that in. We decided to name our live monthly show, “The Menstrual Cycle” but still hadn't found our name-name. Then, much like the birth of an actual child, The LaughtHER Collective came to be.

A strong name. A clear name. A name that symbolizes a beacon.  



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