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Whether you’re an aspiring stage performer or an experienced comedian looking to take your career to the next level, TLC has something for you! Our Academy is comprised of THREE BRANCHES, each with their own necessary component for holistic growth.


Preparation Program

The foundation of our education. This comprehensive program can prepare any amateur for a professional career in comedy. Each course is 6-7 weeks and includes a graduation show for family and friends.


This is for students looking to baby step into the pool of stand up comedy.  Absolutely zero writing or performance experience is necessary for this course, just a great attitude and willingness to learn! This course will culminate in a virtual performance for family & friends.  At the end of this course, you will have: -A grasp of the heart and mind of stand up comedy  -An awareness of stand up comedians past & present with an emphasis on womxn+ and underrepresented comedians -Insight into different comedy genres & which you most connect with  -An understanding of the principles + building blocks of stand up -An introduction of “comedic persona” and performance skills -3 minutes of material written in your comedic voice that you will perform virtually

LEVEL 2, INTERMEDIATE STAND UP                         $333 - SOLD OUT! IN PROGRESS

This virtual six-week course is for comics who have a basic understanding of joke writing and editing. You have attended at least a few open mics with 3-5 minute sets & came out alive! This comic can regularly write jokes, but hasn’t quite utilized a community yet to push their writing further.  At the end of this course, you will have: -A comprehensive knowledge of multiple joke writing styles to challenge yourself as a writer  -A basic introduction to monologue jokes -A comfortability punching up other comic’s material ala a “writer’s room" -In-depth performance skills that will elevate your material -5 new minutes of solid material, to be performed virtually.


This is for advanced stand up comedians who have completed Level 3. You are serious about doing stand up comedy professionally. In this course, you will get to know the business of stand-up. By the end of the course, you’ll have tools and a thorough understanding of how to transition in comedy and remain consistent.  By the end of this course, your experience will now include: -Q & A with industry professionals (agent, producer, manager & booker) -Rundown of comedy festivals -An in-depth understanding of different jobs in stand up comedy  -Extensive set of goal setting and accountability tools -The best practices for continued growth!

LEVEL 1; BEGINNER STAND UP                               $333 NEW DATES COMING SOON!

This six-week course is for those just starting out in the world of stand up comedy! You’ve written some “material” but nothing is really put together. You’ve maybe been to an open mic or two, but feel like you’ve never really mastered the fundamentals.  ​At the end of this course you will have: -Exploration of joke writing technique & set structure -An in-depth knowledge of your comedic persona -The ability to edit, tighten & punch-up material An introduction to performance technique -3-5 new minutes of solid stand up comedy material in a well-structured set

LEVEL 3; ADVANCED STAND UP                                 $359 SOLD OUT! IN PROGRESS

This course is for advanced stand up comedians who want to focus on tightening and retightening what you already have and taking it to the next level. This course will help comedians add depth and physicality to existing sets, with the option of incorporating new material. To take Level 4, it is required to take Level 3, regularly perform at open mics monthly, and perform on at least one show. This course will broadly cover hosting & crowdwork skills.  At the end of this course, you will have a complete understanding of: -Joke mechanics -Editing techniques -Monologue jokes -Submission packets  -Hosting + Crowdwork -Self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses for further progression 

LEVEL 5; READY FOR REP                                                                            TBD

Must have taken Levels 1-4 to be considered for this course. This course is audition-only course and includes six weeks of working, reworking, and practicing sets in person, culminating in a showcase at a premiere club with representation in the audience.

Group Study

Our integral support system. These are supplemental workshops to sharpen tools, bolster skills, and establish community. 1-3 classes per offering.


$129 Thursday 6/8 6-9:30pm This workshop for all levels will cover key performance techniques, with a focus on purposeful movement. You will learn how to elevate your existing set by taking up space and making BOLD choices. We will break down the steps necessary to create a more grounded and impactful performance that connects with any audience. You will leaving knowing...  -How to be so comfortable with the mic it becomes an extension of your hand.  -How to capture and command the audience’s attention like Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan. -Body language that speaks to any audience and conveys your exact intent. -How to navigate the unexpected waves of audience reaction or interference without wiping out. This is one single in-person workshop open for all levels. Workshop held at: Cr8tive NYC 134 West 29th Floor 2


$175 New Dates Coming Soon! For those who are ready to joke about their loss -- of a loved one, sense of self, a relationship, a friendship, pet, job, or any type of estrangement. This is not a stand-up class, rather a space to explore your loss and instability within your personal boundaries. This intimate program is designed to help foster community and connection amongst other collective members experiencing similar loss while laughing through our vulnerability, pain, and eventual growth. This program will help you discover when and how you want to explore your pain through a comedic lens. Throughout this journey, you will: -Build confidence to share your story -Foster a support system to keep laughing collectively  -Learn how to make others laugh while you slowly begin to find relief in your loss 


$129 New Dates Coming Soon! An interactive workshop for comedians and hosts of all kinds to get more familiar with hosting. Join TLC and learn the specifics of what your role is and go-to techniques for consistent success that will leave clubs and comics alike recognizing your exceptional service! Say goodbye to lackluster hosting tropes and evolve into a skilled, confident emcee with a growing awareness of how to create and maintain the perfect environment for your show to thrive!


$10 On-Going! TLC's virtual Open Mic every Wednesday from 7-8pm est. Join our welcoming & supportive collective of womxn+ & underrepresented performers and stretch yourself outside your comfort zone in a safe space. We cap at 10. Receive in-depth & personalized feedback on whatever you're working on. Whether you're wanting to punch up jokes, re-structure, brainstorm premises or tighten up a submission we are willing & wanting to elevate your material!  ​

Personal Development

The core of our curriculum is you. These are additional offerings to challenge and support your individual needs. 


$100 New Dates Coming Soon! A five-day program where each day you will practice the skill of monologue joke writing by writing ten jokes daily. To help you achieve this goal, we will provide you with: – 3 hand-picked headlines + specific writing style expectations for your monologue jokes  – a daily monologue-joke writing TIP to help you think outside the box – a CHALLENGE and advice from current womxn+ and diverse writers in the industry ​ Program culminates with a live zoom Q&A with a professional Late Night Television Writer.


$99-$350 On-Going! Offered to comedians who want individual time and attention with Christi or Hope to comb through material & receive in-depth feedback regarding word choice, delivery, and overall presence. Offered virtually at $99 per session OR $350 for a bundle (fancy word for four sessions and a deal). Brand new people will receive a 20-minute introductory consultation --included no matter what you purchase-- so we know where to start in our first session! Rates and packages vary for solo shows and larger productions. 


$85 In Progress! Are you having difficulty writing new material? Are you struggling with holding yourself accountable to write jokes? Not sure where to find community? Look no further and make a move!  5by10 is our accountability program that ensure comedians & writers alike consistently crank out material. We provide daily prompts, motivation, direction, and resources so you finish with a ton of new material. Write five jokes everyday on a topic we give you by 10PM. By the end of our program, you could have as many as 50 new jokes!  If, and when, you completely finish and submit jokes for every day of the program, we'll Venmo back $10 to reinvest in YOURSELF!


$99-$350 On-Going! Personal development is a core component to a rising comedian because it's not just about material and what you do with the mic stand. There are milestones, paperwork, and planning that takes place to go to Costco, let alone SNL.  Christi and Hope offer private sessions specifically set on your goals and how to obtain them. We create step-by-step plans on how to obtain your short and long-term goals together. Offering accountability and a supportive collective to process with, we are just as invested in you as you are! So, if you want three people pushing you towards your goals in a lovingly, aggressive way... ​Offered virtually at $99 per session OR $350 for a bundle (fancy word for four sessions and a deal). Brand new people will receive a 20-minute introductory consultation --included no matter what you purchase-- so we know where to start in our first session!


Venmo @TheLaughtHERCollective the full amount of the offering & in the "What's this for?" please include: YOUR FULL NAME, YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS & THE TITLE OF THE PROGRAM YOU ARE REGISTERING FOR. Ex. Hope Chiello,, Hosting Workshop! 

You will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours and all students will get a welcome email at least one week prior to the class. 

Please see our Code of Ethics for details regarding policies + procedures.

Please note:

  • Classes are either Virtual (via zoom), In-Person or a combination of both. See class description.

  • Unsure what level to start with? Take our quiz to help you find out or reach out to us:

  • If you're interested in a class that is not currently running, please contact us and let us know! 

  • We accept all registration through our Venmo and can accommodate PayPal upon request.

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