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This Year We're Becoming Principled!

‘New Year New You’ sounds just as impactful as ‘thoughts and prayers’. We like you whether you’re new or old – in fact, that phrase is ageist. We are already off on a tangent and it’s the fourth sentence.

Here at The LaughtHER Collective, we have principles at the very core of our curriculum and we’re taking them with us into everything we do in 2024! We’re using our building blocks to construct a new year, with fertile soil so you can flourish. This year, we are not, "Trying to be funny" because that can seem inauthentic and unrelatable. That’s not us! 

Principles promote behaviors. Set a tone. Hold us to a standard. We are writing to you this year because we are getting principled! 

In 2024, we are practicing HONESTY. Say what you want to say, and say it how you want to say it. Stop acting like your existence offends people and remember there is not one other person like you in this entire world. NO ONE! So say no when you want to, and choose what makes you feel the most joy – not what you think you’re supposed to do. Let every word that comes out of your mouth this year come from a truthful place. Honesty translates as vulnerable, which allows your anyone to connect better as they begin to trust you. Take your honesty to new places by exaggeration – you know we have a townhouse in Sillytown! 

“I want it all” isn’t what you want because that includes rashes and ingrown toenails. 2024 is all about SPECIFICITY and so are we! At TLC we name names and even though we’re lady-led, there’s nothing broad about us. Spell out the big-named comic you want to open for. Write down what your  40-minute special will be about. We are leaving vague in 2023. This year, one of TLC’s goals is to expand outside of NYC and we want to host workshops in Philadelphia, D.C., Baltimore, Denver, & Austin. We want all of our numbers to double. Spell it out and break it down, specifically  

We were all born with A STRONG POINT OF VIEWand we want to hear it. Abandon the kinda, sortas, and almosts in 2023 because this year you are the newest member of Salt-N-Pepa! If you’re passionate about it, we want you to PUSH IT! 

We are lighting strong feelings on fire – you thought women were emotional in 2023 – you have no idea what emotional joy and/or rage you are in for this year. This is all for comedic effect because the literal definition of comedy is the intention to make another laugh. So, no, of course we wouldn’t do what we’re saying... But clearly we’ve thought about it. 

Last year, Beyonce told you to quit your job.

This year, we’re just telling you to show your truest self and exaggerate a bit. 

We are bringing these principles into 2024 to heighten and elevate our year –

See you up there!

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